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“Wall Street” is home to the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ and is the headquarters of the world’s dominant investment banks, institutional investors and money managers, as well as leading niche investment firms dedicated to the shipping and logistics industries. New York has long been and continues to be a major market for raising shipping capital, both for the financing of traditional single-purpose ship-owning companies and for large-scale fleet and enterprise transactions.

Size and Diversity

The size of the stock market and the diversity and sophistication of the investment community make New York the preferred location for initial public offerings and private placements.

Leader in the Marketplace with Publicly Traded Shipowners

New York is the center of the world’s capital markets and home of the most active stock exchanges. The NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ have provided access to valuable sources of funding for some of the world’s largest independent shipowners. New York leads the world in new equity and debt issues in shipping.

Private and Public Financing Alternatives for the Shipping Industry

New York offers private equity, public equity, bank debt and capital markets high-yield debt.

Billions Raised Through Corporate Debt

In the past decade, New York has been the focal point for large public and private placements of corporate debt, with New York investment bankers placing billions of dollars worth of high-yield bonds for many well-known international shipping companies.

Sophisticated Investing Environment

New York’s active and sophisticated investment environment expedites raising equity and debt by small, medium and large companies in need of funds for capital investment and growth.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Professionals

With New York’s established dominance of the financial landscape, the banking, legal and accounting professionals in the New York metropolitan area have gained the expertise and experience to carefully guide the parties through the intricacies of sophisticated transactions involving the capital markets.

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Wall Street's "Charging Bull" & "Fearless Girl"

Wall Street's "Charging Bull" & "Fearless Girl"

New York Shipping Exchange, Inc. 

New York Shipping Exchange, Inc. 

NASDAQ in the heart of Times Square, New York

NASDAQ in the heart of Times Square, New York